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VAultLine Services...

VaultLine offers a variety of services to allow merchants and our partners to complete financial transactions anywhere there is an internet connection. All of our services can be accessed by Merchants, Developers and Resellers. Please review the below list services for more information.

Merchant Services

• Virtual Terminal

• Modern Security Features

• Dynamic Fraud Protection

• Recurring Billing

Risk Management

SSL Certificates

Shopping Carts

Developer Services

Integration Specifications

Sample Code - CF, PHP, .NET

SSL Certificates

Shopping Carts

Reseller Services

• Branded Gateway

SSL Certificates

Shopping Carts


Merchant Services

The VaultLine Virtual Terminal

Complete Transaction Set:

Using an internet browser (FireFox 1.5+, Mozilla, IE 5.x+, Safari 2.x+) you have a choice of 7 kinds of credit card transactions (Sale, Preauth, Preauth Complete, Force, Void, Return and Settle Batch).  All transactions can be entered using a keyboard and mouse or magnetic swipe reader (Card Present Transactions). 

Modern security features:
Vault Line™ provides a full set of tools to protect confidential corporate data.

• All transactions are administered in-house (via closed data loop).
• Built in incoming IP Admin_Rule_Set (extended firewall).
• Built in SSL client/server communications port.
• All accounts are password protected.
• All databases and transmissions are highly encrypted via multiple algorithms.

Dynamic fraud protection:
Vault Line™ provides a powerful, yet flexible platform to control/manage risk across the small shop or large enterprise. When properly implemented, our products allow merchants the lowest possible interchange fees with increased chargeback protection.

• Vault Line™ is certified to use AVS (address verification) data.
• Vault Line™ is certified to use CVV2, CVC2, and CID data.
• Vault Line™ is certified to properly send ECI (Electronic Commerce Indicator) data.

Recurring Billing:
Merchants can set up clients for subscription or recurring fees by using this feature. Features include:

• Ability to charge a setup fee different than the recurring fee
• Very flexible scheduling of charges
• Merchant notification of failed charges by email
• Quick view status table of current recurring charges

Risk Management:
With the growth of e-commerce and identify theft, fraud prevention has never been as critical...read more

SSL Certificates:

The U.S. Department of Commerce shows that online retail is continuing its rapid growth. However, malicious phishing and pharming schemes and fear of inadequate online security cause online retailers to lose out on business as potential customers balk at doing business online, worrying that sensitive data will be abused or compromised.
For e-businesses, the key is to build trust: Running a successful online business requires that your customers trust that your business effectively protects their sensitive information from intrusion and tampering... read more

Shopping Carts:

VaultLine currently supports or is supported by the following shopping carts. Custom integration assistance available upon request.

GoECart Shopping Cart Software

GoECart is a feature-packed, robust, and flexible online store solution that provides merchants with the technology and infrastructure needed to rapidly and cost effectively set up, manage and grow a Web-based business. GoECart is the only ecommerce solution that is truly search engine friendly — which means more traffic. It offers built-in support for shipping carriers, VaultLine Payment Gateway, and comparison shopping engines combined with intuitive administration console and on-demand platform.

Suite 280

Suite 280 Commerce has the voice of experience for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) commerce. It has been uniquely designed after years of working with the special needs of merchants, consumers, distributors, partners and affiliates, and is focused on making the buying experience as effortless and flexible as possible. “Easy to use” means that you sell more.

Suite 280 Commerce enables merchants to handle orders directly from customers or from distributors, affiliates and partners via the web. Administration of product and pricing information, promotions, shipping status, customer information and employee permissions is also performed entirely via the web. Reports on sales, trends, and statistics are available online; and product, customer and order information can also be downloaded or integrated for use with other software systems.

Shoppers can select shipping methods and track order status by order line item, ship different order items to different addresses, track order history, reorder, update account information, manage address books, and opt-in and opt-out of special interest groups.

Product information can be sent to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Froogle and Shop.com, via exports that are especially customized for each search engine.

Best of all, Suite 280 Commerce’s architecture provides options for all types of companies — from small business merchants to service providers and larger corporations.

• osCommmerce
• Zen Cart


News and Updates :

Secure CertificatesSecure your site!

Boost customer response and confidence with an affordable Turbo or High-Assurance Secure SSL Certificate. From just $49.95/yr!

VaultLine Recurring BillingRecurring Billing
Simple to set up and manage multiple recurring billing customers

VaultLine Add-ons :

Manage your risk with VaultLineRisk Management
With the growth of e-commerce and identify theft, fraud prevention has never been as critical.

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